Product Spotlight: Nilfisk All-In-One Range

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Product Spotlight: Nilfisk All-In-One Range

Introducing the Nilfisk’s All-In-One range of Vacuum Cleaners.

Nilfisk have developed a simplistic range of vacuums designed to suit 5 specific applications:

  • General Cleaning
  • Building & Construction
  • Brewing & Distilling
  • Metal – particles (Swarf)
  • Metal – Liquids

Each of the 5 models includes an accessories kit to enable an efficient and effective cleaning solution.

VHS120 for General Cleaning

Nilfisk VHS120 General

The #General cleaning vacuum cleaner is a compact but powerful vacuum and comes equipped with a comprehensive accessory kit that includes the most commonly used tools.  This Nilfisk general vacuum cleaner ensures a cleaner working environment in minutes.

VHS120 H-Class for the Building & Construction Industry

VHS120 Building &Construction

The #BuildingandConstruction vacuum cleaner is all about ensuring safety in this potentially hazardous environment.  At H classification this vacuum will collect the finest of material using its Longopac(R) system which ensures the optimum safety of vacuuming and bagging building and construction material.

The Longopac (R) system allows material to be collected directly into endless polythene bags which can be sealed and disposed of safely, this system means that the user does not come into contact with the debris.

VHO200 for the Brewing & Distilling Industry

VHO200 CBX for Brewery & Distillery

It’s vitally important that this industry observes a strict cleaning regime by pressure washing machinery and flooring.  In between this process it is critical that the working area is clean and dry using a vacuum cleaner that is capable of keeping the area clear, specifically of liquids.  The VHO200 is designed specifically for the fast and easy recovery of liquids using its ejection kit to enable the user to quickly extract and dispose of the recovered liquid.  With a stainless steel unit this vacuum is capable of recovering acidic liquids.

VHS120 CC GV for Metal – Swarf

VHO200 CB for Metal and Liquid

This vacuum is built with the specific capability of extracting #Metal -swarf from machinery,tools and floors.  This model comes equipped with a clever grid and valve to separate solids (metal chips) from liquids (Oils) in such a way as it doesn’t come into contact with the primary filter.

VHO200 for Metal – Liquid

VHS120 CB CC GV for Metal & Swarf

Finally the VHO200 is a #Metal Liquid vacuum cleaner which is ideal for cleaning and emptying tanks, to recover 60% liquid and 40% metal chips.  This model comes with an ejection kit that is perfect for filtering the solid waste from the liquid waste which can then, in turn be recycled into the machine tools.

To arrange a demo of a product from the Nilfisk All-In-One range or to discuss hire or purchase options, please contact a member of our team on 01604 760 282.


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