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A Powerful Mains Powered Free Standing Gutter Cleaning Machine.

Unlike other gutter cleaning machines on the market, the industrial model is not an ‘off the shelf’ vacuum. The powerful system has 50% more suction lift power than its nearest rival and a bespoke side glide entry, making it the World’s Most Powerful Mains Powered Gutter Cleaning Machine.


  • Three industrial strength vacuum motors giving huge suction power of 150 inches of water lift (most 3 motor vacuum will give 90″ water lift)
  • Side glide entrance eliminating time consuming blockages associated with front entrance machines
  • Unique Power Mix feature gives 50% more suction lift power than its nearest rival
  • All terrain steel tipping chassis with stainless steel container
  • Locking front castor wheels

Comes with new and improved SkyVac Elite poles plus brand new Vac Release Pole, simply twist the cuff to cut the vacuum suction and see the turf safely fall to ground, a massive productivity gain.

For full specifications and to understand if this product will be suitable for your application contact us now.


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