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#1 Electrostatic Cleaning Solution





Electrostatic Victory Handheld Sprayer

Leading the Charge in Infection Protection

Experience the latest in cleaning innovation with this cordless hand-held battery operated Electrostatic Sprayer.

Its breakthrough technology, electrostatically wraps around objects to clean and sanitise multiple surface areas quickly and efficiently.

Lightweight and easy to use. This technology charges the liquid creating an even spread and with the use of chemical it is proven to kill coronavirus*.

*Crebisol x10 has been independently tested for it’s effectiveness against coronavirus strains (COVID-19 type). When tested in accordance with standard EN14476, a kill rate of 99.99% was achieved.

Professional Cordless Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer

  • LED Light for Better Visibility [1]

  • Adjustable 3-in-1 Nozzle with Stainless Steel Spray Tips [2]

  • Patented Double-Charge Technology [3]

  • 1L Chemical & Impact-Resistant HDPE Easy Fill Tank [4]

  • Long-Lasting Battery VP20A (4 Hr. Run Time) [5]

  • Grounding Strips for Increased User Safety [6]

  • Ergonomic Handle with Lock for Comfort & Safety [7]

  • Glass-Filled Housing for Increased Durability [8]

  • Chemical-Resistant Seals, Pumps, O-Rings & Gaskets [9]

  • Ballistic Nylon Carry Bag [10]

Eco Static Victory Sprayer Features




Eco Static Victory Sprayer & Crebisol Bundle

Promoting Healthier Lives and Environments

Electrostatic Victory uses Crebisol, a unique multipurpose, multi-environment disinfectant cleaner that is effective for up to 72-hours in an active biofilm when dry.

Crebisol’s Non-Bleach range of biocidal cleaning products offer a complete cleaning solution; Sanitising, Disinfecting & ensuring Infection Control.  Crebisol has been independently tested for its effectiveness against coronavirus strains (COVID-19 type), when tested in accordance with standard EN14476, a kill rate of 99.99% was achieved.

Crebisol has achieved significant independent certification, which includes a Log 8 kill rate for MRSA in 30 seconds.


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