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Food & Beverage Production Cleaning Solutions from Nilfisk

Within the food and beverage production environment there are many specific cleaning application areas:





Package-trim recovery

Production line

Nilfisk food production cleaning

Production area

Liquid recovery

Material conveyance

Machinery/conveyor-belt washing

Refrigerated truck washing

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Explore the benefits of Nilfisk products in your food & beverage production:

Nilfisk vacuum cleaning

Efficient Floor Cleaning

With Nilfisk products you can assure your daily floor care is covered with a selection of products matched appropriately to the floor area.  Nilfisk products ensure the optimum of cleaning efficiency within your production environment:

Office: Ideal for maintaining office cleanliness, using low-noise, portable Vacuum Cleaners for use on carpet or hard flooring.

Warehousing and Logistics:  Eliminate dirt with Nilfisk Scrubber Dryers and Sweepers to ensure a hygienic and clean finish.


Combating Oven Contamination

Prevent product contamination by keeping your ovens free from burnt residue of crumbs and flour with Nilfisk’s specialist industrial strength vacuum cleaners and their recommended self-extinguishing Nomex® filters.

Accessories:  Your Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums can be customised with a wide range of specifically designed accessories to aide the safe handling of hot materials. 

Nilfisk oven vacuum
Nilfisk industrial vacuum for combustible dust

Combustible Dusk Mitigation

Given the nature of your production facility, you may be classified at risk of combustible dust explosion which could happen during the recovery of materials such as flour and sugar and other combustible hazardous material. 

With Nilfisk products you can be assured that you are using ATEX-, Hazloc- or IECEx-certified industrial vacuums that will in turn improve the quality and safety of the removal of your potential hazardous production waste, and helping towards maintaining a pristine working environment.

Spark protection – Nilfisk industrial ATEX, Hazloc and IECEx vacuums are made from non-sparking, stainless steel and include anti-static hoses to help protect vacuum operations from static electricity shock.



High-Level Cleaning

Hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling beams, pipes and ledges pose a problem for many food and beverage production facilities as if left particles can fall from these areas onto lines or associated machinery during the production process, potentially causing contamination or, over time resulting in malfunction of machinery.  

The challenge of cleaning high level surface areas can be appeased with the range of industrial vacuum cleaners from Nilfisk.  Nilfisk industrial vacuums allow operators to quickly and efficiently remove dirt and dust and their range of FDA approved accessories offer simplicity with colour coding in line with food production programmes.


Nilfisk high level vacuum cleaning
Nilfisk Production Line Vacuum

Production line Cleaning

Keeping to a robust schedule of cleaning will help you to mitigate the risk of your products becoming contaminated with burnt residue, flour or other food waste. 

Nilfisk’s three-phase vacuum cleaner range provides a great solution to aide the manual cleaning of your production lines.  The range also offers the option of a connected three-phase or centralised system through the distribution of vacuums along the production line. 

Nilfisk Production area vacuum

Production Area Cleaning

Nilfisk offers a good range of mobile industrial vacuum cleaners that are suited to all purpose cleaning of your production area.

for noticeable cleaning results Nilfisk accessories help achieve an improved cleaning result with speed and efficiency.  If you production facility includes large production lines, a centralised vacuum system may be the best option for you, talk to a member of our team today to discuss your requirements.

packaging vacuum

Efficient Packaging Recovery

Manufacturing packaging surplus including plastic, paper and fabric can be easily recovered with Nilfisk’s range of industrial vacuums. 

Nilfisk industrial vacuums help to reduce the risk of packaging contamination by containing fine powder residue and mitigating the spread of waste scatter within the production environment.

liquids vacuum

Production Liquid Recovery

The Nilfisk range of industrial vacuums include models that can ensure the efficient recovery of liquids offering the advantage of improved hygiene of your facility and reduced resource required for costs associated with maintenance.

liquids vacuum

Powerful Pressure Washing

Deep-clean your food and beverage facility with high pressure washer equipment from Nilfisk, perfect to ensure optimum cleaning of conveyors and tanks, containers and flooring.

Quick, efficient and portable models are best suited to the daily cleaning of small areas.  Becoming more common place in larger food production environments are the stationary models that offer excellent cleaning results even under the most severe conditions and ideal for conveyor belts and the interior of refrigerated delivery vehicles.


We have been working with R&S Industrial Cleaning for over 12-months and have found them to be experts within their field. The service engineers are honest with their findings and always go the extra mile. R&S have been a great fit for us with well-rounded staff who have taken the time to understand our business completely . As a business they are true to their ethos of ‘sourcing the solution’ and we have seen the first hand benefit of this. The means and methods for completing any job is always well-planned, well-supervised, and well-executed.

Peter - CEO, Facilities Management

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Chris – National Facilities Director , Prestige Car Manufacturer

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