As part of our holistic product solution we offer tailored training packages to enable your team to effectively operate and maintain your cleaning equipment, offering you peace of mind that your investment will have longevity in the skilled hands of your operators.

Training Solutions

At R&S we provide equipment training to PUWER Regulations 1998.  We offer first-time user and refresher training solutions for up to three operatives per session  – this is to ensure that engagement throughout the training is at its optimum and allows our trainers to support the trainees at each stage of the practical session.   Our training packages focus on three key areas:

Machine Use & Best Practice

We demonstrate the applications that the machine is suited to and walk users through best-practice for operating the machine, to its best capacity for the specific application(s).


We will instruct the user how to care and maintain the machine effectively to ensure optimum performance and life.

Fault Finding/Fixing

Our training will show users how to trouble-shoot basic/common issues to reduce any unnecessary repair call-outs.



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